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we'll always be together. together in electric dreams.

my cousin just gave birth to a wee baby boy. david is his name, im so happy - finally i get to buy baby clothes!

Gosh it's really the simple things in life that entertain me.... My perfect boyfriend and me went to hang around in one of the nicest parks i've ever been to. you know, one of those with little pink unicorns and fairys jumping around. Amazing how you can find such a peacefull place in such a big city. Gosh, london & my perfect boyfriend really took my heart over. Mental but the last time i've seen some proper scenester was back in berlin." i prefer to hang around in art galleries and wear fake glasses "  yay that's what i call life.

At the moment i just prefer to spend time working, listening to music, wondering how i can take over the world with minimum effort and falling asleep in my perfect boyfriends arms (and yes sometimes i start dribbeling on him)

bands i've been listening to in the last couple of weeks...

-> the vaccines -> the pierces -> cage the elefant -> tinie tempah -> chase & status -> the human league -> jamie t -> the joy formidable -> the wombats -> eva & the heartmakers -> lucy swann

it still scares me how dependend my selfesteem is.

nice man -> good selfconfidence. bad man - > shit selfconfidence. it scares me cause i feel so easily vulenrable, like a massive invitation to hurt me basicly...

BUT right now everythings brill, so i even started wearing trouthers again! Yes! & I love it. 









19.4.11 19:18

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