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cause we can

i really cant write and still i keep doing it again and again.

Well what is happening in your lifes out there? My life is as just running by way to quick. While i was really delighted to have two days off in a row, my body did not have anything better to do than just ruining the fun with a shitload amount of pain.

I might just be drama - but thats how i rule ( is my excuse ) 

My perfect boyfriend is playing along on his guitar and i'm watching this super interesting fishing show  (YAWN)

I recently been on my first date. After 4 years of uhhhm being activly involved in uhhhhm men's lifes i made it finally to a date. Which i am very thrilled about. My Beauty Mate came along today and asked me what to talk about at dates and how to behave. I guess i am the least informative person when it comes to those things, as even my first date was with my fiance. so i guess we overskiped the dating part a bit. I always felt a bit blessed tho, that when i was 12 was a massive tomboy and had nothing better to do than beeing up to date with the british premier leage.This mini-passion i had for about 2 years came proper handy when i started seeing some british men ( i am german and fair play it wasnt so often that a british man crossed my way back then) If i coudlnt talk to a men about Music or Sport on a date i believe i would be pretty helpless and i guess he would absolutly not be my typical type.
I enjoy watching football in the pub with mates, i like going to the football stadium (which hasnt happen in a year now) and i still have a massive crush on harry kewell and Michael Owen.

Do you think its possible to go out with someone who has absolutly not the same taste in music at all? I dont think so. Its important to me and is it not really nice to go and watch a band together you both like? Cuddling up, drinking a pint and end up pissed : ) Or just ending up in a dark corner snogging along, while your favourite tune is on.

That would sound like a pretty decent night to me. but then again i am a massive weirdo and unfortunatelly i make it hardly to any gigs at the mo. 

Would love to go to see the Vaccines this week in London. They are my new obession, just such great tunes and sooo true sometimes. 

Postbreak Up sex is just pure brill, seems like indie is back! Which i am really reliefed about, as it seemed a bit quiet after bands like the Kaiser Chiefs and Futureheads released really shit albums and Electro Power Pop took over. 






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