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I know no one could ever believe it - but my perfect boyfriend aka fiance and me are now for 6 months together and even engaged.

Seems like i am the easy to engage kinda type lol but anyway i dont mind - in fact i love it to plan the future together with someone i know who cares about me, who i hope will always care about me and loves me how i am. who doesnt want to change me. 

I start to believe that i that i first time just said the "Yes" to my arsewhole ex cause he completly run down my self-confidence - you know a bit a case of " oh well why not i guess i wont find anyone better anyway" lol big time bullshit. I have learned and i'm more self-confident than i've ever been.

When my perfect boyfriend and me got first time intimate, i was shocked, thought like omg i cant do that - a flatmate AND just a couple of days after i split up but it all comes clear how long time finished i was with my arsehole ex.

I was wondering in my last relationship if i could be able to cheat on him and that made me realise i should instantly split up - why would you even consider cheating if you are in a happy (serious) relationship?! 




3.4.11 15:44

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