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take my breath away.

well well well.I'd say  i had a basicly perfect day today.
First i got up - had the pefect shower ( its the simple things in life isnt it?) Got ready, got into the bus, which was once in a lifetime quick and not packed with annoying school kids.

It all went smooth, got into work, stared for four hours at amazing shoes and was just packing my stuff to leave when i got a text from my perfect boyfriend not to leave wimbledon - as he's coming to pick me up <3   awwwwww. So quickly went to river island and la senza, got some goodies and then he came along, looking all sharpe.
the new haircut suits him, yes indeed it does.  It was sooo amazing, my actual first date ever!

First we went to the Cinema in Kingston, saw Hall Pass - which was fair enough quite funny. Then we headed to Jimmy Spices, where i adopted a food baby and now we are chilling at home, watching cricket. 

It was a lovely wee day.
My first date.

31.3.11 00:44

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