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new life. new blog?


well i easily get bored, so i started another new blog. while i'm watching sex and the city - one of my christmas presents i got from my (kinda new, for those ones who are not up-to-date, 3 months by now) boyfriend.

every year, just exactly like this year, i m running from shop to shop (online shopping can be extremly exhausting) to find the perfect present for him. I hate it -  but at the same time i love the Happy Face when you scoared the perfect gift. a love hate relationship between me and christmas. the emotional pressure nowadays on finding the perfect present is huge. extremly huge on the first christmas together.

the last three years have been an absolute emotional disaster.

not only christmas wise ( yupp i failed twice to scoare the perfect gift and yupp my arsehole ex decided twice to extremly moan about it - good manners isnt it?)

this year it seems i did well ( no moaning must mean he was happy with it or?) i got my man a drinking helmet ( want one by myself now..sniff.) a dvd box of sharpe and a steampunk book plus some small goodies.

Figured out men have mencrushes. 

very interesting for me,  i thought always somehow its a women thing. My personal girl-crushes are Christina Hendricks & Dannii Minogue. I kinda assumed men have too much testosteron flying about to even consider having men-crushes. 


When i get to know a man, i ask shitloads of stupid questions.

If he's replying without moaning - perfect. Sometimes, obvious you get answers you dont like that much, thats when i always want to bite my own arse for being so bloody nosy.

but its important to know what you get when you start to date someone isnt it? I mean the man could have a funny-stupid fetish, could be a serial killer or god knows what. I dont wanna get woken up one day to get asked if i could put some nappies on!

so far my relationship right now is going perfect. i wake up in the morning looking at my handsome man & his perfect lips and wonder why i am so damn lucky. i mean really. every day (seriously every day - on sundays even twice) in the morning i have this " holy shit i live in london i m lying next to my perfect new boyfriend and holy crap why have i earned that " moment. 

For the ones who dont know - i just moved 3 months ago from Berlin to London. i'm german, dont like saurkraut and am originally from the Lower-Rhine Area (only great people are from there)

Since i live in England i feel good ( i kinda compare my selfconfidence in berlin with the rockefeller center, just that the elevator somehow was stuck in the basement and no one was replying to my SOS- button)

My perfect new boyfriend said to me a couple of days ago, that the only thing he'd want me to change is my low confidence. I wish i'd would be so easy - but i also wish that life would be like a disney film. So i dont know - i'm working on it. I dont wanna fuck things up again.

In my former relationship with my arsehole ex, he kinda thought he has to put me down, just to make himself feel better. if that involved a logic, i will never understand it. I guess life is prettier if everyone feels as shit as you do? 

- a waste of space. Seriously? I mean i m not obama but i still believe i've earned my space!?

Men can be cruel. Women are complicated.


 Here are my presents & a special treat i got for myself.

<3 boxing day sales. 
















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