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howdy!I know no one could ever believe it - but my perfect boyfriend aka fiance and me are now for 6... weiterlesen
3.4.11 15:44

cause we can

i really cant write and still i keep doing it again and again.Well what is happening in your lifes o... weiterlesen
5.4.11 01:33

day 9.

of the sore teeth time and i really hope that today the insurance card gets in. cause i really start... weiterlesen
5.4.11 09:03

we'll always be together. together in electric dreams.

my cousin just gave birth to a wee baby boy. david is his name, im so happy - finally i get to buy b... weiterlesen
19.4.11 19:18

it's time to grow up my dear.

I am not 19 forever and so on.... I'm getting married in october and i couldnt be more excited. Gosh... weiterlesen
22.4.11 15:12


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