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some people just piss me off. those ones who tell you they love you forever and smack you in the fac... weiterlesen
10.2.11 12:30

thank fuck its friday.

here comes the sun and i say its alright.  i feel good.   remember the times we were ... weiterlesen
11.2.11 21:38

its happening.

i am officially i feel ready to own a dog, a cute little fluffy thing to loo... weiterlesen
12.2.11 17:07

oslo baby.

i m off to oslo tomorrow with my perfect boyfriend and i cannae wait i tell ya! i  m sure i won... weiterlesen
15.2.11 20:26

arsehole ex should be illegal.

dont you think? anyway. I m in Oslo this weekend for a Music Festival Called By:Larm. its ... weiterlesen
19.2.11 12:37


not sure if thats the best idea i ever had but i believe my life is very influenced by following wom... weiterlesen
21.2.11 01:20

i miss angry birds : (   ... weiterlesen
25.2.11 16:08

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