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arsehole ex should be illegal.

dont you think?


I m in Oslo this weekend for a Music Festival Called By:Larm. 

its more of a business trip, as i spent my entire days meeting up with people to talk about bands, while nighttime i try and see as many bands as possible, which is not the easiest.


My fav bands this weekend so far:

120 Days, 

Nikki and the Dove,

Smalltown Superband

Team Me!


Bloody Beach (the singer looks like Jesus/Moses/Jack Black)


Tonight i m djng in Cafe Mono. 

thats a really cool wee club here in Oslo, soo looking forward to that ( i ll get free drinks as well, which is more than handy in pricey Oslo) & apparently they serve even Guinness.

Sooo i m gonna dj a cool mix of new tunes, finally i m allowed to keep it a bit more scandinavian than usual.



19.2.11 12:37

oslo baby.

i m off to oslo tomorrow with my perfect boyfriend and i cannae wait i tell ya! i  m sure i wont sleep tonight, too excited.

5 days in Norge, the country i always wanted to go to! 

The cherry on top, i ll be even djing on saturday! Look at me, i got a dj set again! WOHO!


Good times. 

15.2.11 20:26

its happening.

i am officially broody.


i feel ready to own a dog, a cute little fluffy thing to look after! 

i m getting old, half 44 nearly.



i need new sunglasses btw. another season, another paid of shades needed. its just how it is. 

 <3victoria beckhams collection




12.2.11 17:07

thank fuck its friday.

here comes the sun and i say its alright.


i feel good. 

 remember the times we were like 7, listening to the spice girls on our cd players, pretending to be emma bunton and posh spice and trying to sing along to the lyrics? even if we didnt even have a scoubie what wannabe actually means? ( obviously if you are a native english speaker you wont know what i m talking about lol)


i miss those times!! 

 cause im in a good mood.


cause i used to want to be like posh. but now i feel more like geri.



11.2.11 21:38

some people just piss me off.

those ones who tell you they love you forever and smack you in the face 5 minutes later.

those ones who tell you that we are best mates forever and then go and interfere your relationships.

 those ones who make you wanna believe that they will never do it again and omg i just started a therapy i m a new person.

 those ones who are so sad, the only thing they can do is make other people unhappy but apparently just want the best for you. 

just because my blog seems to draw those ones attention: Hello You! Cute that you are reading my blog, thanks for the attention. Do you not have your own life?  : )



10.2.11 12:30

31.1.11 18:11

my heart was numb had no feelings.

but its all fine now......

the flat in berlin is gone and i m relieved. 


It cost me shitloads of money, braincells & nerves. 

The chapter berlin is about to be closed - i m so happy about it. In fact, i couldnt be happier.

I was in scotland this weekend to meet my perfect boyfriend's Family, such nice poeple. no weird ocds, no weirdness at all, just a normal family. I was even allowed to cuddle the cushions ( you dont believe how weird some people can be when it comes to ocds - I hate ocds as much as berlin) We slept in Bunkbeds, drunk loads of vodka and guinness and danced to crappy techno music. it was fun! Hawick is like Waldniel, just cuter and with more pubs. i felt home, even tho i was in a complete different country.  

9 hours megabus was horrible, my arse was even numbs with  no feelings ( yes i m listening to take that - theres nothing wrong with that) but at least it was cheap. 7 pounds return. 

Only thing i have to do now is close down my german joint bank account, which is gonna be tought as my arsehole ex is still an arsehole ex. But i managed so much now, why not that as well.

I feel really sorry for his new girlfriend. I hope she knwos what she's getting into. 2 and a half years were 2 years & 3 months too long. to be honest the nicest time i had wit my ex was when he still lived in glasgow and i lived home - when rosetinted shades were hiding the truth.

Abusive men should get forced to run around with a massive warning sign. or a tattoo on their forehead

" dont date me i m the biggest cunt you could find"  How much easier would that make things for women? Or a secret codeword for that sentence... like motoroil or hmmmmm or perfume. "that man is really into motoroil & perfume" should be a massive warning sign.

I live exactly for 4 months in london now and i m having the time of my life. I fullfilled my dream of moving abroad, do whatever i wanna do, found the perfect boyfriend, found friends and have a warm place to sleep. What more do i need?!











31.1.11 18:05

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