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take my breath away.

well well well.I'd say  i had a basicly perfect day today.
First i got up - had the pefect shower ( its the simple things in life isnt it?) Got ready, got into the bus, which was once in a lifetime quick and not packed with annoying school kids.

It all went smooth, got into work, stared for four hours at amazing shoes and was just packing my stuff to leave when i got a text from my perfect boyfriend not to leave wimbledon - as he's coming to pick me up <3   awwwwww. So quickly went to river island and la senza, got some goodies and then he came along, looking all sharpe.
the new haircut suits him, yes indeed it does.  It was sooo amazing, my actual first date ever!

First we went to the Cinema in Kingston, saw Hall Pass - which was fair enough quite funny. Then we headed to Jimmy Spices, where i adopted a food baby and now we are chilling at home, watching cricket. 

It was a lovely wee day.
My first date.

31.3.11 00:44


6 months london so far and i dont wanna ever leave. So far life changed a lot - new ( & hopefully better than some old ) friends, new job, new place to live & the cherry on top - hopefully & finally i met the perfect boyfriend.
Thanks London. You are being great.x






13.3.11 18:39

i believe i can fly.





my bff was here last weekend, which was absoltly wicked. we drunk a lot of booze, talked about things only women speak about and did a lot of sightseeing.

who actually says that men speak about way too many intimate details? Women are much much worse, believe me men in the world when i say that!

Is it a good or bad thing? i guess sharing experiences is actually a really good thing.  

but then again, do we wanna know what some people tell us?

ewww often not. 

depends on who you talk to i guess. not someone random, but your best friend - thats alright.



9.3.11 15:25

my humps.

my humps my humps my humps....



uhm ja. 

well im bored, kinda. 

sitting with the flatmate nr2 and perfect boyfriend in the living room, 

being incredible social & unsocial in one turn, as we are all online. 

at least, as flatmate nr2 was online, i could politly fb tell him to shut up, while he was taalking wayyyy too much rubbish. 

my round sims is going well,

gave birth to a baby girl recently, was considering calling her shakira, chantalle, janeatte - chantalle or cheryl but just simply went for mary-ann. 

Is my life not exciting?

BUT hell yea my perfect best friend is coming by tomorrow and we gonna have  a blast! Mission: My perfect best friend has to fall in love so she moves to london and we can hang out all the time - is up. 


3.3.11 01:15

lets talk about pop music

So i was in oslo last weekend, at bylarm festival.

it was incedible, pretty much extremly too cold but i saw some great acts. 

Team me were a great wee indie band, i think the girl of the band is the norwegian guy from the womats sister. Btw i absotly love the wombats new album. jump into the fog, what a great song.

i m listening right now to an Act called Eva & the Heartmaker, pure pop music but i love it, her voice is great, its catchy. Reminds me slightly of Alphabeat & we all know that i absolutly love alphabeat. i mean seriously, i cut my hair short because the alphabeat girl looks so cute with her pixie.Didnt work out that well for me but anyway, back to longer hair now.
Sophie Ellis Baxtor ( is that the right way to spell her?) is also one of the names that pop up in my head listening to Eva.






 I'll never be a fan of eight legs, never.

Listened to the latest ep and naah, i dont get them. One of the many bands with a bad singer, that just doesnt make it work & he s not even cute.


Harrys Gym, also from norway, are one of the bands to have defonately an eye on, amazing song.


 I dont know what it is but i think i might be on some scandinavian wave.


This is american tho, i absolutly love Phantogram. <3 




good music. 

25.2.11 16:59

i miss angry birds : (


25.2.11 16:08


not sure if thats the best idea i ever had but i believe my life is very influenced by following women...

 gretchen haase

 Liz Lemon

Bridget Jones!






my future wedding cake! :D



21.2.11 01:20

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