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it's time to grow up my dear.

I am not 19 forever and so on....

I'm getting married in october and i couldnt be more excited. Gosh are we all not growing up so so quick? Its mental. Since January i am engaged now. Part II.

My first engagement was an utter fail - why agreeing to something you are not 100% sure about? The day i got proposed to back then on the 14th August 2008 was also the day my arsehole ex and me had one of our biggest arguements - on my birthday and i still said yes... The man made me cry on my birthday cause.. cause of what? i dont remember, but i remember it was very useless. How stupid was i back then to believe i could just not do better? I believe there are so many more women out there who believe that, its sad.

 this blog has been a big help to me. its not like i blog too often or anything like that but i believe writing down what happened to me helps me to work off the events that happened, to calm me down, to not get my depressions to strike back.

I am in a new part of my life now and everything will be fine. I know it, i feel it,



22.4.11 15:12

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