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my humps.

my humps my humps my humps....



uhm ja. 

well im bored, kinda. 

sitting with the flatmate nr2 and perfect boyfriend in the living room, 

being incredible social & unsocial in one turn, as we are all online. 

at least, as flatmate nr2 was online, i could politly fb tell him to shut up, while he was taalking wayyyy too much rubbish. 

my round sims is going well,

gave birth to a baby girl recently, was considering calling her shakira, chantalle, janeatte - chantalle or cheryl but just simply went for mary-ann. 

Is my life not exciting?

BUT hell yea my perfect best friend is coming by tomorrow and we gonna have  a blast! Mission: My perfect best friend has to fall in love so she moves to london and we can hang out all the time - is up. 


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