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lets talk about pop music

So i was in oslo last weekend, at bylarm festival.

it was incedible, pretty much extremly too cold but i saw some great acts. 

Team me were a great wee indie band, i think the girl of the band is the norwegian guy from the womats sister. Btw i absotly love the wombats new album. jump into the fog, what a great song.

i m listening right now to an Act called Eva & the Heartmaker, pure pop music but i love it, her voice is great, its catchy. Reminds me slightly of Alphabeat & we all know that i absolutly love alphabeat. i mean seriously, i cut my hair short because the alphabeat girl looks so cute with her pixie.Didnt work out that well for me but anyway, back to longer hair now.
Sophie Ellis Baxtor ( is that the right way to spell her?) is also one of the names that pop up in my head listening to Eva.






 I'll never be a fan of eight legs, never.

Listened to the latest ep and naah, i dont get them. One of the many bands with a bad singer, that just doesnt make it work & he s not even cute.


Harrys Gym, also from norway, are one of the bands to have defonately an eye on, amazing song.


 I dont know what it is but i think i might be on some scandinavian wave.


This is american tho, i absolutly love Phantogram. <3 




good music. 

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